By Annie Pahlow, communication studies student at Northeastern University

As a communication student at Northeastern University, public relations (PR) has always piqued my interest, but it wasn’t until recently that I had the opportunity to experience life as a PR professional firsthand.

As Greenough Brand Storytellers’ first co-op from Northeastern, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I soon learned that the fast-paced agency valued individuals who were eager to hit the ground running and contribute to account work as an equal member of the team. This was the best situation I could have hoped for because it enabled me to immerse myself in all aspects of agency life. That meant working on behalf of multiple organizations at once – often across industries, such as healthcare, technology and the arts – and collaborating closely with professionals with varying degrees of experience.

Greenough is a full-service PR agency comprised of a team of dedicated, hilarious individuals who have impressively strong work ethics. They work diligently to deliver compelling content and meaningful results for their clients, while also making time to provide helpful feedback and direction to those who are just learning the ropes. I truly felt like a real member of the team and one who was expected to work hard to achieve my professional goals.

Working at an agency was certainly a change of pace and required a bit of acclimation, but I came to appreciate how rewarding it was to have tangible results stemming from my efforts. Over time, it was easy to see how I was progressing, securing media exposure for various clients and fostering my own media relationships. I was never just a pencil pusher at Greenough, and I think future co-ops will take comfort in knowing that the individuals they work with here trust and value the work that is done by everyone around them.

At Greenough, I worked for a wide range of clients and learned how to execute purposeful media relations and draft technical content tailored to the objectives of each client. This experience has improved my writing as well as my ability to balance tasks, meet deadlines and collaborate with others.

The inviting, inclusive and cooperative environment at Greenough has enabled me to gain a thorough understanding of the inner workings of a successful PR agency. The company’s culture and employees demonstrate what it means to care about the work you do and the work of those sitting next to you. Over the past six months, Greenough has provided me with relevant experience and expertise that will serve me in countless ways going forward – smiling and joking along the way.