Greenough Internship Program

Learn the Day-to-Day Workings of a Public Relations and Marketing Agency

At Greenough we value collaboration, mutual respect and professional development, and we enjoy helping to cultivate and coach the next generation of public relations and marketing professionals. If you have an interest in, and talent for, online research, writing, social media, analytics and helping companies tell their stories in innovative and compelling ways, spending a few months as a Greenough intern can help you decide whether public relations is the career direction you want to pursue. If so, the valuable experience and insights you gain during a Greenough internship can help you land a full-time job in this industry – maybe even at Greenough!

We offer internships to energetic students who would like to gain exposure to many aspects of the PR industry in a team-oriented, creative and professional environment. We are flexible about scheduling arrangements to accommodate students who are serious about wanting an inside look at the inner workings of a topnotch marketing and PR agency. We’ve had full-time interns who were sponsored and paid by their college’s career program who had the opportunity to do things like draft a press release or blog post, build a media list, monitor industry news and client coverage, or research a new business prospect. We’ve also had part-time interns who have spent two or three mornings or afternoons per week shadowing Greenough staff, listening in on a client update call, and joining a staff “Lunch & Learn” event in addition to earning money at full- or part-time jobs at other companies.

Our interns experience the day-to-day rhythm of client service through exposure to one or more aspects of the business, such as media relations, content development and social media as they shadow a client account team. Every Greenough intern is also paired with a mentor – a staff member who serves as a sounding board for internship activities, scheduling and career advice.

If you’re an energetic student with a serious interest in the PR industry, send your resume and a cover letter telling us why you’re a great candidate to our intern program supervisor.

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“For the past three months, I have witnessed Greenough employees provide a high quality service for their clients, collaborate effectively with their teams, and create an environment that not only is fun to be a part of but also stimulates learning and an exceptionally positive attitude. It has been an unforgettable time working alongside people who truly care about their jobs, their clients and the people around them.”

Fabian Brunner

Greenough intern

“This has been an invaluable experience that I won’t soon forget. Everyone at Greenough has been so welcoming and helpful…I appreciate all the time [my mentors] took out of [their] hectic schedules to explain and teach me various aspects of the public relations business… I’ve learned so much over the last three months and will miss working with such an awesome team.”

Abeni Kendrick

Greenough intern