Inovalon’s 2018 Client Congress

Three Takeaways from Inovalon’s 2018 Client Congress

In early October, our team traveled to Washington, D.C. to attend Inovalon’s Client Congress, an annual event that convenes leaders from health plans and provider organizations, pharmaceutical and life sciences companies, government agencies and technology innovators.

A client for more than five years, Inovalon is on the cutting edge of using data analytics, machine learning and cloud computing to improve the quality of healthcare. This year’s Client Congress featured an exceptionally strong program with industry experts from across healthcare as well as compelling educational sessions and a few surprises. The impressive speaker lineup included influential voices such as AHIP president and CEO, Matt Eyles, a former Avalere associate, and Health Evolution chairman, David Brailer.

Through informative panel discussions, insightful breakout sessions and interactive roundtables, we heard interesting perspectives on how the healthcare industry is evolving to better serve patients. Here are three notable takeaways:

Quality improvement is a top priority.

Beyond the dollars at risk in pay-for-performance contracts is a renewed emphasis on optimizing the patient experience. Now more than ever, healthcare organizations are deploying holistic and creative approaches to improve care quality and patient satisfaction. Today, a siloed approach to quality improvement and measurement just won’t cut it. Real-time actionable insights and cross-departmental strategies are needed to drive meaningful impact for patients at the point of care.

Analytics are a critical component of delivering better, more effective, affordable healthcare.

Success in today’s era of value-based care requires data transparency between healthcare stakeholders, which continues to be a struggle. Because data-driven analytics provide the insights needed to inform when and how to intervene and best serve patients, as well as understand utilization patterns that can improve clinical outcomes, efforts to improve the free flow of information between all parties are paramount. With so much at stake, many organizations are leveraging advanced technologies and analytics from trusted partners to ensure they’re not missing a beat.

Natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) are changing how healthcare organizations engage with patients.

We know data is needed to inform clinical decision-making, increase organizational efficiencies and help enhance patient experience, but with 80 percent of it in unstructured form, NLP and ML are the keys to unlock its full potential.

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