New Marketing Strategy to Reach Your Healthcare Audience Using Triple Aim

New Marketing Strategy to Reach Your Healthcare Audience Using Triple Aim

Did you ever think that you could align your marketing program around Triple Aim for greater success?

Aligning your content within one or more of the below categories can help define your strategy:

  • Stories of improving the patient experiences
  • Improvements to the health of populations
  • Innovations that in some way lower the per capita cost of healthcare

If you think about Triple Aim, it’s a great way to position and market your product or service. In other words, a great starting point to ensure that you’re contextualizing the value you bring and to whom. At the risk of oversimplification, we’d suggest that you first unpack your story, starting with the audiences you’re trying to reach, and align it with one or more of the triple aims.


Here’s how that might work.

Patient Experience

Does your product or service directly improve the patient experience? Perhaps, as is the case with one of our medical device clients, it reduces discomfort and the chance of infection? Assuming that claim is FDA cleared, your options from a marketing and PR perspective are myriad. For example:

  • Targeted placement of by-lined content in hyper-local consumer media: papers as small, but audience-relevant as the Greenville Sun in North Carolina.
  • Coordination with advocacy organizations reaching target audiences, including placement in patient newsletters, public events and joint press outreach.
  • Strategic social promotion through Facebook and other targeted channels, including promoted content based on conditions such as asthma and Celiac.

Improved Population Health

Does your technology or service enable clinicians and health plans to analyze patient population trends? Does your mobile application work with existing enterprise technology to address patient adherence or assist family caregivers? From wearable innovation to population health management solutions, the industry is rapidly changing and the marketplace is getting crowded. So, as you put your hat into the ring consider the following:

  • Are you clearly differentiated? More important, have you validated that with prospects? Research can help bring key insights to life.  We recently conducted research with physician and health plan executives and were surprised to see a perception gap. We were able to use that information to build digital marketing and PR programs to close that gap.
  • Are you leading or riding the wake? There’s a content glut. Simply re-purposing content is insufficient for thought leadership. Organizations need to spend more time working directly with stakeholders who do the work – we’re talking about ER doctors and allergists, lab managers and of course capturing real patient stories. This means content isn’t as “cheap” as many believe, but the higher performance, as measured by engagement, is worth the investment.

Lower Healthcare Cost

The opportunities for cost savings storytelling here are broad. From medical technology and devices to software and professional services, many established and emerging businesses are lining up for this opportunity. If you’re one of them, here are a few considerations:

  • Make sure you understand the relevant regulatory landscape if appropriate. We’re currently in the planning stages for a client and FDA clearance is a major consideration. This requires longer lead times, more rigorous approval cycles and closer scrutiny, especially in social channels. You must cover all bases.
  • Know your audience. We look closely at the customer journey before designing a marketing and PR strategy. With one healthcare client, it made sense to gate the content asset, but with another it did not. In most cases you should segment audiences and develop different landing pages with different calls to action. One size rarely fits all.
  • Don’t overspend; overthink. We’ve recently developed a highly targeted email-to-digital asset campaign to a small segment of health system decision-makers. We generated a few dozen sales inquiries, but these were for a highly considered purchase in a typically long sales cycle. Our cost per lead was far less than comparable programs in the client’s marketing mix, but we outperformed them. That’s the point after all.

Do you have a strong story that addresses one or more of the Triple Aims? If so, you’re certainly in the right place at the right time. What’s left is aligning that story with the communications strategies and channels that are best for your unique brand story. 

We have active PR and integrated marketing programs targeting payer decision-makers, technology and services buyers within health systems, small physician practices, clinicians working inside large health systems, specialists in fields such as urology and individual patients. We’re communicating with and to stakeholders across healthcare, touching on topics ranging from value-based care and population health management to allergy diagnostics, emergency department throughput and chronic catheterization.

Our healthcare team is here to answer your questions.