Don’t Trust a Machine to Do Your Marketing
(no matter how artificially intelligent it is)

Marketing platforms with increasing levels of Artificial intelligence (AI) are transforming data into valuable insights that help marketers deliver more engaging and profitable customer experiences. Even so, AI-enhanced platforms on their own are not enough because they simply fail to make an emotional connection to your key audiences. 

That personal connection is essential: MRI neuro-imagery shows consumers primarily use emotions when evaluating brands. And studies show that emotions drive customer loyalty more than facts based on a brand’s attributes. 

The fact is that even the most advanced content generation platforms will lack the intelligence needed to create an emotional connection. EQ is hard enough for humans to develop; those abilities can’t be taught to a machine. To appeal to both hearts and minds, marketers are now tasked with pairing insights from smart software with creative brand storytelling. 

Brand journalism means better marketing ROI

Great storytelling is more of an art than a science. People often forget facts, but they’re hard-wired to recall great stories. In fact, messages delivered as stories can be 22 times more effective than just facts.

Brand journalists know how to use interviews and research to uncover what makes your story compelling and make it memorable. Brand journalists also craft credible narratives that capture your buyers’ imagination, resonate with them emotionally, and ultimately, inspire them to act. 

So, as you experiment with Salesforce, HubSpot, Marketo/Adobe or some other platform with AI, make the most of your investment by engaging a brand journalist who can turn these new insights into powerful stories that will inspire your key audiences.

If you'd like to have Boston's best brand storytellers help you tell your organization's story in a compelling way that drives business results, please contact us. 

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