By: Nicole Reading, Business Management/Consulting and Communication Studies student at Northeastern

Thank you, Greenough, for a rewarding journey and setting the bar so high for my future co-ops. I was lucky to experience the Greenough culture in person and virtually, and it is truly one of a kind. Everyone at Greenough carries themselves with professionalism, but also knows how to have fun. It was a joy to be surrounded by that energy for six months.

I will miss my days in the sunny Watertown office dearly. Although I never saw it at full capacity, I am grateful for the safe, physical workplace during the pandemic as well as the camaraderie, occasional puppy visits, and surplus of jolly ranchers that came along with it!

Thank you to my incredible colleagues for bringing me into the fold on day one. Yes, I was on two client calls my very first day at Greenough! One of which I began leading just a few weeks later. You all helped me find my voice and feel comfortable using it, despite being brand new to the world of PR.

Thank you for not giving me a reason to believe that little voice in my head that whispered, “You aren’t qualified.” I learned to embrace the uncomfortable because growth and comfort do not coexist.

From the very beginning, I felt like an integral part of each account team with client-facing responsibilities and ownership over important tasks. This is a credit to the “learn by doing” mentality at Greenough which gives co-ops the space and support to grow so much in a short time. I took great pleasure in taking on a new challenge, pushing myself with the encouragement of my coworkers, and coming out the other side with new skills and confidence.

The best part about working at Greenough for me is no two days are the same. During my co-op, I touched 10 different client accounts specializing in everything from semiconductor chip manufacturing to insurance to healthcare technology. I know the critical thinking and adaptability required to navigate these various industries will serve me well in both the classroom and my future career.

To the next cohort of lucky co-ops, know that this job is fast paced, but that’s the most exciting part. I encourage you to come into the office (or log into Teams) each day with a positive attitude and prepared to work hard. Ask plenty of questions, take notes and trust your instincts. Most of all, have fun and send gifs (you’ll learn quickly that the Greenough team is obsessed with Schitt’s Creek). Lastly, when you visit Watertown, don’t erase the chalkboard next to Ed’s office.

Thank you for everything, Greenough!


Nicole Reading