2020 has brought plenty of disruption to all of our lives and to the way we do business. It’s also brought innovation. Here are some recent business stories that show resilience and reinvention.

National Public Radio has saw an opportunity to bring more localized news to its listeners through an innovative podcast. What started as a daily coronavirus update has morphed into Consider This, a daily news brief that covers the top stories from around the world and in 12 markets in the US. In Boston, where there are two NPR stations, rivals WBUR and GBH have teamed up for the first time in their histories to bring local news to the market.

On September 4, 2020, the Fed announced that the Main Street Lending Program (MSLP) is expanding to provide loans to nonprofit organizations. The MSLP is designed to stimulate the extension of credit to small and medium-sized businesses which were in sound financial condition before the Covid-19 pandemic. The recent expansion to nonprofit organizations recognizes the vital services performed by educational institutions, hospitals and social services organizations and the millions of Americans employed nonprofits.

The Boston Book Festival, which is going fully virtual this year, announced its lineup of headlining authors. From October 5-25, more than 140 authors and moderators will participate in 55 events. All events are free and open to the public.

The Boston Globe’s Jon Chesto details the future of conferences in the wake of the pandemic. The traditional in-person conference will be a thing of the past. Companies are reinventing how they approach their conferences. Many believe the hybrid approach, where attendees can participate virtually, will continue long after there is a Covid-19 vaccine.