By: Katherine Luttmann, Communication Studies and Political Science student at Northeastern

In the final weeks of my Co-Op, I’ve been feeling an overwhelming sense of gratitude. When I accepted my position at Greenough Brand Storytellers, I was excited by the prospect of a small agency and the opportunity to grow my passion for communications and public relations thanks to my first co-op experience. However, I was nervous about what it might mean to work virtually given the COVID-19 pandemic.

I was pleasantly surprised that while I wasn’t able to be in the office, the buzz of the agency leapt of out my laptop instead. Immediately, I was working closely with true professionals in the industry who provided a great source of inspiration. Greenough has a powerhouse team of individuals who all bring different skills and experiences to the table – from newsroom rock stars to marketing gurus to client-service professionals.

At the same time, every member of Greenough made it their mission to make me feel like an instrumental member of the team. Each person made sure to take time to deliver real-time feedback so that not only could I become a member of the team, but also grow and carve out a role for myself. Over my time here, the work I’ve taken on has been anything short of incredible – from drafting original content, pitching to the media, writing press releases, and having direct contact with clients.

Additionally, the clients I’ve been able to support has been a great privilege. When I first started, I didn’t entirely anticipate what working at an agency during a time of crisis meant. Having the opportunity to service clients that are working on the frontlines of the pandemic has been a great source fulfillment – I’ve worked with those that are supporting COVID-19 testing solutions to those that are helping put on a book festival virtually to those that are making the workplace, even if it’s at home, more human.

As I stated at the start, I’ve felt so grateful as I look back at these last six months. So, for any future co-ops, I would like to leave a few final pieces of advice: be a team player. Celebrate team wins, speak up when someone is asking for help, if someone tells a joke during a call – laugh! While some of these may seem obvious, in a virtual world it is that much more important to be visible, even when you technically can’t. 

Also, find comfort in change. It is a contradictory thing to ask, but an agency environment means that timelines are always changing. A to-do list should never be written in pen, but pencil. Getting acclimated to this might take time, but I promise that it will be worth it.

While 2020 has been tumultuous, Greenough has been a real bright light for me, and I look forward to bringing what I’ve gained back to the classroom for my senior year.