2019 Professional Services Trends

2019 Trends in Media for Professional Services Organizations

Planning for next year is in full swing and industry media is no different. Editors at the top insurance and legal trade outlets are hard at work painstakingly constructing their 2019 agendas.

Our media relations team did a comprehensive analysis of what’s in store for next year and identified the top three themes from the most influential trade books. Here’s what they found and a few quick tips for getting your organization into the mix:

1. Fostering relationships

Good relationships are the hallmark of any successful professional services organization. But maintaining those connections over long periods of time can be difficult. Next year, several outlets are planning stories on fostering relationships with clients, partners and policy makers. What makes the marriage work? What doesn’t?

Tip: Develop advice-driven stories that are tailor made for your target audience. Tips should be clear enough for a reader to put into action right away and should offer unique solutions to a common problem.

2. Talent development and workplace culture

Low unemployment has led to a talent crunch across all industries and professional services organizations like law firms and insurance agencies are no different. In fact, the insurance industry is expected to be hit extremely hard. According to a pair of recent studies, 25% of the insurance industry’s workforce is set to retire in the next 12-18 months. And law firms of all sizes are competing for top partner talent. Look for features that cover strategies for employee engagement, hiring practices and unique workplace perks.

Tip: Showcase your hottest ideas for recruitment and retention. But be prepared to back them up with real-life examples of how they made a difference.

3. Emerging Technologies, Risks and Regulations

Smart homes, drones and the sharing economy are all poised to have a major impact on the insurance industry in 2019 and beyond. Several of the trade outlets will be covering new products
(like cyber insurance) aimed at covering risks created or augmented by emerging technologies. Articles on best practices in loss mitigation will also be plentiful. New technologies always bring new regulations and attorneys are perfectly positioned to offer expertise and analysis on any new laws aimed at data privacy and cyber security.

Tip: Launch a though leadership campaign with a strong newsjacking component. Attorneys who can offer timely insights into breaking news, policy announcements or new regulations can be a valuable resource to journalists working under tight deadlines.