2019 Trends in Healthcare Media

Planning for next year is in full swing and industry media is no different. Editors at the top healthcare trade outlets are hard at work painstakingly constructing their 2019 agendas.

Our media relations team did a comprehensive analysis of what’s in store for next year and identified the top three themes from the most influential healthcare books. Here’s what they found and a few quick tips for getting your organization into the mix:

Ambition, Winning and Leadership

Probably the most common theme amongst all the healthcare outlets, these articles will address the overarching questions of “How do I get on top?” and “How do I stay there?” Reports will examine characteristics of the most ambitious leaders in healthcare, the secrets of winners and what multi billion-dollar health systems do before making a big decision.   

Tip: Tell a powerful diversity story. Look through your organizations ranks and find those rising stars. Pull anecdotes from their personal lives as well as their professional accomplishments and failures. What are their most interesting innovations? How did personal struggles impact their leadership style?

Talent development and workplace culture

Low unemployment has led to a talent crunch across all industries and healthcare is no different. Couple that with physician burnout and nursing shortages and it’s easy to see why healthcare C-suites are so focused on turning their organization into a “Great Place to Work.” Look for features that cover workforce engagement, hiring practices and stress relief.

Tip: Showcase your hottest ideas for recruitment and retention. But be prepared to back them up with real-life examples of how they made a difference.

Patient power and engagement

Fed up with high prices, surprise bills and disjointed care, empowered consumers are positioned to disrupt the healthcare system. Hospitals, providers and payers must be ready. In 2019, several publications will continue to look at transformation and the critical role patients play in accelerating the long transition to value-based care.

Tip: Be bold. Be the first to make predictions about where your industry is headed. Consider conducting a survey to underscore your claims.



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