By: James Kappatos, President, and Lily Rivera, Vice President, Lasell College Public Relations Alliance

Earlier this month, the Public Relations Alliance from Lasell College visited Greenough Brand Storytellers to gain insight into the world of professional PR. Our agenda consisted of discussions with various team members, each focused on their own area of expertise. Everything from client relations to social media to pitching was covered, providing a great opportunity to learn more about all the moving parts of a PR agency.

As PR students, we are constantly explaining our practice to our family, friends and fellow students. While they may not know what PR entails, they are quick to voice their skepticism concerning the integrity of our field. We were reassured during our visit to Greenough that we are indeed entering a practice that values trust and ethical behavior. Below are three of the biggest takeaways from our visit:

Partnership. Greenough Account Director Maria Kucinski explained that when working with clients it is important for them to see the agency as a strategic partner. To achieve this, you have to build trust and maintain transparency to align expectations. In doing so, you foster a clear understanding of client needs and are better positioned to meet them.

Contacts. Building strong relationships with press takes a lot of work, so minimizing missteps and keeping your word is essential. When corresponding with a connection, consider what each party is gaining from that interaction. It is a give and take. If you push a pitch that is not up to snuff or you can’t deliver what you say you can, your contact may lose trust in your ability to act as an effective intermediary.

Credibility. A major pillar of PR is earning stories that hold up to journalistic rigor. It is expected that a company will push information about their business that paints them in a positive light via their own channels or paid media. However, when a third-party media outlet can tell that same story with the support of data or the testimony of experts, it establishes credibility and provides value to their readers.

After visiting Greenough, we as students feel more secure knowing the priority that PR professionals place on quality stories and mutual respect. To learn more about Greenough or to schedule a visit, email