By: Christie Macomber, Northeastern

My time as a co-op at Greenough Brand Storytellers is something that I will always value, both for the working experience I gained and for the people I met. Even under unconventional circumstances, as COVID-19 forced the office into remote work, the connection I felt to the team never wavered. 

Greenough serves a wide range of clients, primarily in the healthcare and technology sectors. While these industries were initially foreign to me, the immersive nature of the job meant I quickly became familiar with new terminologies and learned a lot about them through the perspectives of our clients. 

At Greenough, there is no typical day — priorities and tasks are constantly changing as the needs of clients and reporters evolve. I can attest that this makes for a great learning environment. During my time at Greenough I was fortunate to get a feel for a little bit of everything. My responsibilities included many routine tasks like scanning the news, compiling media coverage reports and taking notes on client calls, as well as supporting larger projects and agency business development. As a political science student at Northeastern University, I sought a position with a strong writing component. Greenough delivered, as I soon took on media pitching, crafting social media content and producing blog posts for clients. I was excited by the opportunity to work directly with media contacts and was successful in building several working relationships over time.   

My role as co-op at Greenough was also hands-on and fast-paced. Unlike previous co-op experiences, I was never treated like a traditional “intern,” and I was never made to feel like I wasn’t capable of producing the work of a full-time employee. This was instrumental in my growth, both professionally and personally. While the environment initially pushed me out of my comfort zone, it taught me a lot about effective time management, prioritizing deadlines, and multitasking that I’ll leverage in future roles.

I valued how hugely inspirational my coworkers were. Everyone who works at Greenough is very dedicated and hard-working, which speaks to the investment of the agency in both its people and in meeting the needs of its clients. My coworkers were extremely helpful, patient and compassionate. They encouraged questions and were always willing to sit down and talk through a challenge, while also encouraging me to problem-solve independently. 

There is a great sense of camaraderie at Greenough because everyone is aligned in achieving the common goal of delighting clients. This sense of unity also translates into the social elements of the office — with a relatively small staff, the team is very close knit. Weekly activities like Friday happy hour with fun themes or games encouraged socializing, as well as a well-deserved break from what was sometimes a hectic week. These activities also fostered a caring working environment, making me feel like I could reach out to any one of my coworkers if I had a problem and they would be willing to help me. This connection extended into remote work as well, making me feel incredibly supported, even from home, and demonstrated just how much Greenough values the co-op position.

With graduation around the corner, this co-op experience was invaluable in helping me acclimate to a professional working environment and hone new skills in communication and strategic thinking that will serve me well in the future. I’m incredibly grateful for my time at Greenough, and I would recommend this co-op to anyone looking to have an immersive and rewarding PR agency experience.