We’ve been watching a few major social media update announcements this week and wanted to share our take on them with you.

Twitter expands to 280 characters

Are you challenged by Twitter’s 140-character limit? Good news then: Twitter has expanded their character limit to 280, and this could be a boon for storytelling. After noticing that a majority of users hit the character limit, Twitter raised the roof, but it remains to be seen whether brands will take advantage or wallow in a sea of more words.

Our takeaway: It was always about the story, not the words.

Facebook sponsored messages

Facebook is now offering its sponsored message feature to a wider audience of brands, allowing them to send sponsored messages to users who have an open Facebook messenger thread with them. With this, brands can offer unique content to customers and prospects without violating the conversational integrity of the platform. This gives brands another way to increase lifetime value (LTV) of existing customers and engage with new ones. But, as with any new sponsorship tactic, it remains to be seen how users will treat the messages, as welcome news or annoying disruption.

Our takeaway: Think before you message – unfollows are painful.

Snapchat working on a major update

Snapchat’s usability issues are hampering growth, and it’s finally doing something about it. Major updates have the potential to bring a larger audience to brands that rely on the app for storytelling. Most important, we expect the update to include machine learning, which should improve audience targeting and delivery of unique stories to them. Presumably, this will enable Snapchat to catch up to Instagram and Facebook Stories, but we won’t know until the update is widely available.

Our takeaway: Good idea, but it could be too little too late.

If you would like to learn more about how these changes affect your brand storytelling, send us a note.

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