I’m used to being the new kid. Growing up as a military brat, I had to be. New countries to explore, new neighbors to meet, and new friends to make at school, I learned how to be “good at being new” whether I liked it or not. It wasn’t always fun (I was left desk-less in classes more than once), but there were bright sides (that friendly kid who invited me to play on the playground? Godsend!). And of all the times that I’ve been a new kid, being one at Greenough has definitely been one of the easiest. On my first day I was welcomed with flowers for my desk and coworkers taking me out to lunch.

Whether it’s a new school when you’re 12 years old or a new job when you’re 24, being new isn’t always easy. It can be intimidating. Some jobs throw you in on Day One to figure everything out for yourself. While that can be a great way to learn, it can also be lonely and overwhelming if you don’t have the right support system or mindset. Other jobs can over do the training by dragging it on and on. So much that you still feel like a rookie after two months. I’ve been through both.

I knew what I was looking for and I found it with Greenough: an agency that would let me dive in right away but tread closely so I wouldn’t drown. Greenough hit the perfect balance of immersion and training. My first week consisted of training as well as being introduced to my clients, writing pitches and jumping right into strategy meetings. Everyone here is so approachable that asking questions is never an intimidating process. Different members of the Greenough team walked me through a “PR orientation,” including basic media relations tips and how to write different types of press releases. That was one of the best parts – it was a low-pressure way to get to know everyone in the office. I wasn’t just given a book to read through, I was able to talk things through and ask questions in the moment.

Besides boot camp twice a week, I’m most excited about learning from all of my colleagues. Everyone is incredibly smart and brings their own unique background to the Greenough team. With just a glance around the office I see the tenacity of a former investigative reporter, broadcast journalists with reflexes that don’t miss a beat, the poise of a woman fresh from the New York art scene, and the dedication of other account executives just like me. Plus, Phil Greenough and Jamie Parker are adept leaders who always say hi to me in the kitchen. Overall, I’m lucky to have various perspectives and views from my different managers on each account, which is something I’ve always valued.

Another plus is having a dedicated mentor to work on my development growth. It’s something that makes me feel truly valued and from day one Rachel has always promised (and proved) that she has my best interests at heart. She’s helped me develop a routine and has come to my desk the second I’ve had a question, even if it’s about something as simple as sick-time.

Now, less than two months later I don’t feel like a new kid but a full-fledged member of the team. From building media lists and pitching, to helping with client presentations and new business pitches, it hasn’t taken long to ramp up with Greenough without feeling overwhelmed. It’s been wonderful to have received this welcome.  In a couple short weeks, Greenough made me want to stay here for years to come. 

Bri Tarpey is an Account Executive at Greenough. Follow her on Twitter: @britarpey.