The newest member of our integrated marketing team, Renée Herendeen, VP Marketing, traveled to Rhode Island earlier this week to speak about advertising and marketing at the University of Rhode Island.

For the past three years, Renée has partnered with the Advertising Educational Foundation ( to speak at local schools and colleges.  Quite often, professors work hard in their classrooms to bridge the gap between theoretical teachings and the realities of the workplace. The AEF created the “Inside Advertising Speakers Program” to connect some of the advertising and marketing industry’s most accomplished professionals with students who are pursuing a degree within the industry. Bringing in industry professionals provides students with the rare opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge of the ins and outs of advertising and marketing.  

Renée spoke to two senior-level classes. For the first class, Strategic Marketing Management, she focused on Strategic Media Planning and Buying. Prior to the presentation, she asked students to research brands that currently have an integrated multi-channel advertising approach and provide examples. Renée took the class through the strategic planning process and how to buy media effectively based on goals. She asked students to reflect on the campaigns they researched to help them understand the process from start to finish.

For the second class, Social Media Marketing, Renée spoke about targeting and the importance of understanding the customer journey. She asked the students to find a recent social media campaign that they have engaged with and consider whether it was targeted appropriately. She emphasized that understanding who your target audience is and their behaviors are integral pieces of the marketing planning process. Mapping out a customer journey truly allows for marketers to target customers throughout the entire buyer decision process.

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