The Greenough team shows off their creations

The Greenough team shows off their creations

All successful PR and marketing efforts have one thing in common: an inspired team that generates great ideas. So when our annual company summer outing rolled around earlier this week, we decided to do something that would help the team get the creative juices flowing. To that end, I brought the entire agency over to The Paint Bar, a new “art as entertainment” venue just down the road from our office.

For the uninitiated, let me explain: The Paint Bar (and other companies like it) provide groups with step-by-step instruction for painting their own masterpieces. This detailed walkthrough provides even those who are… let’s say, “artistically challenged,” with the know-how necessary to create their own work of art. Art as entertainment has been taking the city by storm, so I thought our outing would serve as a great introduction to it for our staff!

After a couple hours, our art coach had successfully guided the whole team through their own Van Gogh-inspired painting of flowers by a pond. We then had a quick walk through our little gallery, which gave everyone the chance to admire each other’s work. The paintings were then brought back to the office, where we’re planning to showcase them in the lounge.

Our time at The Paint Bar over, Phil and I took the team back to our house for a barbeque and an afternoon of lawn games, which culminated in an intense boys vs. girls bocce match. Best not to announce the winners here, but if any clients are interested, I’m sure that your account lead would be happy to give you the details on how they trounced the competition.

A great time was had by all – looking forward to next year’s outing!

Jamie Parker is the President of Greenough. Follow her on Twitter: @jamieparker4357