Every year at Greenough, we recruit students interested in the communication and marketing fields to spend their summer learning the PR trade. This year we hosted six interns from all over New England and the U.S. The following students make up the Greenough summer intern class of 2013: Charles Hoang, Boston College ’14; Jillian Rosa, Boston College ’14; Caitlin Cimino, Connecticut College ’14; Rebecca Giller, University of South Carolina ’14; Hillary Throckmorton, Bates ’15; and Hallie Loft, Hamilton College ’15.
As account supervisor and intern coordinator, I had the pleasure of sitting down with one of our interns, Hallie Loft, to talk about her career ambitions, school and PR intern experience.

Q&A with Hallie Loft, Greenough Summer Intern

JB: Why did you want to intern at Greenough?

HL: I was first drawn to Greenough because of its unique approach to communicating ideas. As I was researching firms and possible summer internships, I got stuck on Greenough’s idea of “brand storytelling.” I had never considered a career in PR before, but as I looked more into Greenough’s mission, I got hooked! Looking at campaigns through the lens of a storyteller really appealed to the writer in me.

JB: Where do you go to school? What are you studying?

HL: Currently, I am a rising junior at Hamilton College in Clinton, N.Y. I am an English Literature major and an Art History minor. I absolutely love it there; the campus has come to feel more like home than anywhere else. And, I can thank Hamilton for instilling in me a love of writing that has guided me towards a career in communications.

JB: What career are you pursuing? Why?

HL: So far, this internship has been an amazing experience, and I’ve learned a lot about which work environments suit me best, as well as how I can put my individual talents to use after I graduate. To put it simply, I am very excited about pursuing a career in PR! Through this career, I will be able to promote things that are important to me. In my opinion, fighting for ideas and communicating those ideas to the public is extremely honorable.

JB: What are three interesting things about you?


1. I run XC and track at school, and my favorite event is the 10k

2. This year, I plan to study abroad in Australia

3. On the weekends I sell vegan ice cream at farmer’s markets

JB: What quote do you live by? Why?

HL: “To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift.” -Steve Prefontaine

This quote is a constant reminder that we are lucky to be alive and that we should not take this for granted by living a mediocre life. Laziness is something that has never been a part of my repertoire. And, in the past 20 or so years, I’ve learned that hard work and dedication truly does pay off.

Contributed by Account Supervisor and Intern Coordinator, Jessica Boardman. Follow her on Twitter@J_Boarmdan