Hello, Greenough Blog readers!
I’m excited to be part of the Greenough team of Brand Storytellers and start a new chapter in my career story. In many ways, I’ve spent 3 decades preparing for exactly this moment. Through tenures at startups, a long run with a Fortune 50 industry leader, big agencies in both PR and advertising, and in the non-profit world at WGBH, I’ve developed an ever-increasing appreciation for the role of creativity in marketing. In fact, I know enough to say it’s easier said than done.

For marketing campaigns to really sing – to get the attention and the response desired –  they first must be rooted in research. Then, goals need to be clear and embraced by the team that’s entrusted with bringing the campaign to life. (By the way – the goals need to be big, not incremental: it’s been my experience that organizations often set the bar too low. Great creative marketing is aspirational and inspirational.) Next, strategies and tactics must be crafted uniquely for each organization: no cookie cutters allowed. And finally, individuals and teams need to jump on the opportunity to execute. I know marketing programs are nothing without great strategies, but I have witnessed more failure from lack of execution. It’s that simple. I like a plan and I love to execute it to the fullest so that everyone on the creative team has a role and responsibility – and some fun along the way.

For me, success is about collaboration and execution. There’s nothing better than seeing the full complement of marketing resources engaged and then unleashed to effect. Those who’ve worked with me over the years know that I believe there’s far too much talk (and PowerPoints) and not enough action. After 30 plus years, I know enough to say success is the byproduct of creativity, collaboration and execution. That’s what I plan to offer to Greenough and its clients. Let’s turn the page to the new chapter for the agency and me.

Jamie Parker is president of Greenough. She can be reached at jparker@greenough.biz.