IT professionals in many developing countries and regions “are ready to listen to IT vendors from the developed world,” according to a recent survey of 3,217 IT professionals in 114 territories from IDG Connect. One traditional way of starting a conversation—using vendor content—still works, but the study shows that many of the IT professionals in these developing nations want “local content.”
What, exactly, is localized content? Content that addresses the particular challenges these IT professionals are facing in their specific city, country or region. In other words, local analysis, regional reports, localized case studies or “in-the-trenches” thought leadership, to name a few.

Lest you think developing a stream of local content requires a significant cost investment, think again. There’s a relatively easy way to research those local and regional issues—use your salespeople, executives or product managers in the countries where you do business (or the countries you’re targeting). Use your army on the ground, so to speak, to engage those customers on a regular basis. Much like a trade journalist who asks his readers, “What are your pain points?” then goes on to write about those issues, your foot soldiers can ferret out the local concerns or problems.

The next step: Set up a formal process for collecting and gathering this “intelligence,” then implement a plan for turning that fact-gathering into meaningful localized content.  It can be as simple as a thought leadership blog post that identifies how your company is solving XYZ in country ABC or a case study that demonstrates how your company solved issues A, B and C for your customer in XYZ.

Bottom line, according to IDG Connect? “In most of the rest of the world outside North America, the demand for content is extremely strong. And meeting this demand with some degree of local customization will almost certainly pay dividends in terms of engagement.”

Have you been successful at developing localized content? If so, tell us what you’re doing and why it works.

Barbara Call is director of content at Greenough.