When a beaker breaks at a lab, somewhere in Africa, we've been told that the lab researchers need to blow new glass to replace what broke. Remarkably, scientists in developing countries overcome major obstacles to advance their research.

Some scientists are trying to find ways to fight drug-resistence to HIV. Others are looking for ways to make vegetables disease-resistant.

As part of its work with Thermo Fisher Scientific, Greenough Communications is helping publicize Thermo Fisher's work with its partner, Seeding Labs.

Seeding Labs is a Boston-based nonprofit corporation providing talented scientists in developing countries with resources including lab equipment, training and professional connections. Thermo Fisher Scientific is assisting Seeding Labs by providing used lab equipment, provided by customers who upgrade to new scientific instruments.

The video above, produced with help from Seeding Labs and Thermo Fisher, provides an overview of their partnership. It's a great step to empowering scientists in Africa and other developing countries.

Contributed by Aaron Kellogg. Follow him @KelloggAaron.