On Time Airlines
Check out today's Boston.com slideshow on "On Time Airlines."

There’s one element news departments love. It’s the web slideshow.

PR Folks: Carpe Diem.

Every news person wants a web slide show. But, it’s also an element that’s oftentimes treated like the “extra” – the last item on a news department’s “to do list.”


Take a television newsroom for example. Slideshows aside, staffers need to develop stories, cover breaking news, get satellite trucks and cameras out the door, convert television stories to print stories for the web, fact check crime stories with a lawyer – sometimes news departments even have to worry about flying a helicopter over a developing story.

Is there a dedicated web staff to update the news website? Of course. Do they have time to develop a slide show? Not always.

In fact, ideas for a slide show can easily die on the newsroom floor. But not if the idea is well-developed.  Plus it can be an easy way to raise awareness about a specific trend or issue.

Savvy PR folks: pitch a slideshow. It's a win-win for news departments and PR clients.

Two recent examples:

Contributed by Aaron Kellogg. Follow him @KelloggAaron.

Screenshot courtesy: Boston.com.