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Personalized brand-to-fan engagement may have found its secret sauce thanks to the recent collaboration between powerhouses in social media Involver and Klout.

Involver, a social media marketing platform has teamed up with Klout, the industry standard for influence of individuals on social networks, to form an application that allows brands to customize their Facebook fan page based on fans’ Klout scores. The application will let brands offer high value content to those with lots of influence on the web; this integration marks the first time brands can engage with their fans on Facebook using the Klout scoring system.

What’s the benefit? For Involver and Klout, it’s twofold: Involver gains the app as a selling point to brands, and Klout gets distribution on Facebook so it can collect more user data and refine its scoring algorithm.

There are also perks for fans. So long as an individual is ranked as an authoritative influencer, the brand that integrates the application will target the individual and offer unique incentives, such as discounts or unreleased videos.

Audi USA is the first brand to use the application as an engagement tool with its 4 million Facebook fans. Fans who click to find out their Klout scores will receive a perk, like a custom desktop, ringtone or both, based on their scores. The brand-to-fan engagement process occurs on Facebook, while Involver retrieves the user’s Klout score in the background.

To me, the benefit of this collaboration is a no-brainer. Marketers are constantly trying to connect with consumers, and what better tool to use than Facebook? By offering unique incentives to fans, businesses are strategically developing these followers as brand advocates. Even those with low Klout scores will be encouraged to become more immersed in all social media channels in order to compete for a company’s prize.  

So, what do you think? Are you sold, like me? Does it interest you as an individual Facebook user? Do you even care about your Klout score? I’m willing to wager a bet that if you don’t care now, after the perks kick in, we’ll all be vying for 100’s.

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Contributed by Sarah Hurley. Follow her @Sarah_Hu