Facebook2 Watch what you write on Facebook. But realize you can criticize your work environment within certain bounds.

We landed Day Pitney’s Claudia Centomini on Boston’s NewsCenter 5 (check out the video). She explained that labor laws offer some protections to people who choose to vent on social networking sites.

In particular, Centomini said workers can usually discuss their office conditions or complain about their schedule online. No problem.

In other words, what you say to a co-worker in conversation or on the phone can be re-typed online without disciplinary action from higher-ups – as long as it has to do with the state of affairs at your workplace.

But, and perhaps to be expected, not everything that’s typed on Facebook is protected by the law. In fact, baseless and disparaging attacks against coworkers and bosses, usually aren’t safe ground for social media, she explained. And – as we’ve seen in the media – people who go this route, don’t usually last long without facing repercussions.  

What we thought most interesting: “social media law,” as it were, is evolving. Lawyers and courts are still determining what’s game and what’s not. Although it’s fair to say, polite posts and “chivalrous Facebook discourse” are still encouraged.

 Contributed by Aaron Kellogg. Follow him at @KelloggAaron