Census Data Math teachers told us: "Check your work."

Today we learn what happens when you don't. Bad PR.

Our own Jena Coletti came into the office sporting a copy of this morning's Boston Metro (read: thin, sensationalized, free newspaper handed out to Boston commuters). What was of note?

The Massachusetts Secretary of State's office mistakenly released the surprisingly-low (and incorrect) census numbers for Boston. Big whoops. The journalists spared no love.

We quote: 

"If you live in Boston and felt like you had a bit more personal space yesterday morning, Secretary of State William Galvin is sorry. You actually have less personal space." 

The article continued:

"The mistake was made when Galvin's office, in an effort to get the data out quickly, used a filtering system that inadvertently left out census tracks that were believed to have no population."

To recap: Boston isn't shrinking. It's growing.

The second lesson learned (or provided as a reminder): When you release news, be sure of what your saying. Very sure. And spare your self the (unwanted) front page, headlines that mock your mistake.

Contributed by Aaron Kellogg. Follow him @KelloggAaron.