He’s furry and irresistible. So cute (and so perfect), one might think this little cuddly British pooch is a stuffed animal.

But he’s real. We watched the video, for proof. And Boo is schooling the world at social media, particularly when it comes to viewer popularity.

When Boo puts a photo online, the world votes with its computer mice. Nearly instantly. So we decided to track Boo's photographic progress by taking screen grabs of a recent photo that he posted to Facebook.

Five minutes after posting, Boo garnered 1,755 "likes" from his fans.

Six minutes after posting, another 83 people clicked "like."

Seven minutes later the number climbed another 143 "likes."

Boo comments
Above, four hours after posting the image, Boo garnered likes at a rate of 31 clicks a minute, a number any social-media-using orgainzation would envy.

What does Boo remind us about social media?

1. Emotions count. A lot. And Boo connects with something inside people that makes us like him. It's not just about the photo. The caption above is carefully crafted to cut to the core of what you feel when you see him. "Happy Friday! High five, peoples." It's cute, conversational and to the point.

2. Visuals work. A lot. Social media is supposed to be colorful. If Boo's page consisted of just text, would you still like him? A picture is worth a thousand words.

3. Every post counts. Seldom do we see Boo in anything but cute, opportune shots. Every headline is perfected to highlight his persona. Messages are reinforced, but never to the point of boredom.

And what's it worth? A lot.

Boo's got sponsorships from dog food company Dogswell. He's got a fab new sleeping set from dog bed maker LazyBonezz. He's also followed by upwards of 900,000 people.

Sure, not every social media campaign can garner Boo's success. He's irresistable.

But messaging counts. And for a little guy with four furry paws, he's a pro.

Contributed by Aaron Kellogg. Follow him @KelloggAaron.