We're still a few days away from official Compete.com data that shows whether Superbowl Ads had a big (or small) impact on an advertiser's web views.

Companies pony up to pay for prime advertising real estate. But at what value?

I did some of my own research to see if last year's marketing spend was worth it for my two favorite commercials in 2010. Check them out below:


A quick look at Compete.com data shows that both 2010 commercials successfully drove a significant spike in website traffic, and although they cost a pretty penny, may've been worth the investment.

  Compete 1

  Compete 2


For Super Bowl XLV, a 30-second commercial cost a record $3 million. Not short change by any means, but many companies considered that price tag to be a bargain because the Fox telecast reached a new high of 111 million viewers.

Do I think $3 million is a bargain for a commercial that people may miss while grabbing a beer or eating another chicken wing? No. But will companies continue to pay big money for 30 seconds of air-time and have it pay off handsomely? Yes, and I can’t wait to see if my favorite commercial this year, Eminem’s Chrysler spot, will directly impact sales like I’m predicting!

Contributed by Jena Coletti. Follow her @jmcoletti