Mobile Broadband Many of us have read the news: according to global telecom equipment provider, Ericsson, “the world will see one billion mobile broadband subscribers this year.” Not surprisingly, a steady increase in the rate of smartphone adoption is the main driver. 

GigaOM’s Kevin C. Tofel's extrapolation of the data puts the number of mobile broadband subscribers ahead of wired broadband subscribers by the end of 2011.  And, all the facts indicate that he may be right on target. 

More and more of your friends, family and colleagues are getting smartphones.  Over the last year, a whopping 65% of current smartphone owners were new to the market, according to 2010 survey data.  And, it appears that Internet access is one of the main reasons why.  While long battery life and cameras topped the must-have list for mobile phone owners, Internet capability was close behind, according to

A quick poll of our Boston office revealed that our own on-the-go colleagues regularly used their smartphones to email, access social networking sites, as well as search the Internet to get movie times and read restaurant and product reviews. 

Even looking beyond our unscientific poll, we know from another survey that the majority of smartphone owners use a search engine in their mobile browser to search for information.  So, with mobile Internet use soaring, mobile marketers must optimize for mobile.  

Very simply, make sure that your website and emails can be viewed correctly on mobile devices.  Ensure that your offers and calls-to-action work on mobile phones and that customers can easily fill out forms and download coupons and other offers. Finally, give your customers the means to easily and securely make purchases on their mobile phones.  You’ll soon find that optimizing your website for mobile may be one of the best things that you can do. 

Contributed by Jennifer Hrycyszyn. Follow her @hrycyszyn

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