Facebook What to watch for on Oscar Night: how companies use Facebook to drive their own web traffic.

It comes as no suprise that roughly a third of all Oscar Award viewers will be online while watching this year's television broadcast. And for that reason, the Wall Street Journal reports this morning that marketers are making a push to reach viewers through Facebook and Twitter.

This latest Oscar push serves as a reminder that traditional media outreach – through broadcast commercials, etc. – is only part of the marketing and public relations game.

Those companies that provide Oscar-specific updates on Facebook will, perhaps predictibly, increase traffic to their website at greater rates than those who don't – especially those who have invested in building a Facebook following.

Why the emphasis on Facebook? And why such a prediciton?

Roughly 40 percent of those who watched the 2010 Oscars logged onto the Facebook, according to the WSJ. Companies that post status updates will inevitably garner more attention than those who don't.

What's maybe most surprising to a generation of 20-somethings is how long it's taken major companies to realize that many people use Facebook while watching television, a trend that for many, has persisted for the better half of a decade.

Contributed by Aaron Kellogg. Follow him @KelloggAaron.