1353261697_cc64b9ea0f_m Over the years we have seen a huge growth in mCommerce, in part fueled by the greater number of smartphones and accessibility to the web.  Recently IDC revealed that Google gained considerable share in mobile search and display ads.  In fact, Google accounts for a whopping 91.4 percent of the $487.3 million mobile search advertising market — further demonstrating that consumers’ appetite for mobile is growing as they continue to actively engage on their phones. 

However, mobile consumers are not just blindly surfing and buying.  A global survey by Accenture on mobile devices and shopping habits found that cost-conscious consumers are using their smartphones to thoroughly research products and compare prices.  Seventy-nine percent of those surveyed stated that they would find it useful to download money-off coupons on their phones.  Additionally, 73 percent wished to receive instant money-off coupons as they pass by an item in a store.  Conversely, only 48 percent surveyed have actually downloaded a coupon from their computers — clearly indicating that consumers are receptive to mobile marketing. 

This ability to easily search for products and bargains coupled with creative mobile marketing campaigns will continue to boost mCommerce spending.  As consumers are armed with convenient technology and information, they are more readily making purchases using just their mobile phones.  So, it should come as no surprise that according to an earlier IDC report, mobile sales will account for 28 percent of consumer spending during the 2010 holiday.  We can bet that mCommerce will continue to escalate even after the holiday season is over. 

We are curious; did you use your mobile phone to comparison shop this holiday season? 

Contributed by Jennifer Hrycyszyn. Follow her @hrycyszyn

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