Social media is still all the rage, so it’s fitting that PR agencies are putting more of a focus on intensive social media campaigns for clients. Greenough is no exception. We developed our FUSE Methodology to help our clients find a place in the social media landscape so they can engage and communicate successfully.

As PR practitioners, we recommend that our clients jump on the social media bandwagon. But it raises a question: how well do PR professionals use new tools and services to connect with journalists and bloggers more effectively?

ITDatabase surveyed 230 tech PR professionals and found that the industry is still working to find a balance between old and new ways. What's comfortable is king: PR professionals said pitching by email is their first choice.

I understand that not all journalists and bloggers are approachable via social media venues, but most are. The ITDatabase report also found that out of 5,000 tech writers:

  • 27% do NOT publish an email address option among other contact methods
  • 61% ARE on LinkedIn
  • 56% ARE on Twitter
  • 28% ARE on Facebook

So why is email still the top contact method?

Personally, I’ve had great success pitching via Twitter. From gaming bloggers to business intelligence analysts to freelancer writers, I've been able to connect with new contacts and set up introductory briefings for my clients. My interactions have been very positive and I believe that the media and analyst community is much more responsive through the new age contact methods versus old school email. 

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Follow industry influencers
  • Find out what they’re interested in/writing about
  • Respond and recommend 
    • Respond to their tweets/Facebook/LinkedIn updates
    • Recommend articles or information you think they’d be interested in
  • Build a dialogue and keep it casual

Once you confirm that the influencer would be interested in your client or customer, make the introduction!

I’d love to hear how your social media efforts are generating results. Send me a tweet!

-Contributed by Jena Coletti. Follow her @jmcoletti