With a constant rollout of new tools and features, there must never be a dull moment at Facebook headquarters.  

We all know that Facebook has redefined how businesses relate with consumers. Many businesses have their own Facebook pages and are successfully gaining and communicating with fans from around the world. A recent article in PRNews Online explains some of Facebook’s newer engagement tools to help connect with consumers.

One of the tools Facebook has implemented is Facebook Connect where users communicate with their friends via a third-party Web site. More than 15,000 Web sites have adopted Facebook Connect. While it may seem scary that Facebook is following you wherever you surf the internet, it can be a treasure trove for companies looking to further their PR efforts (and who isn’t interested in that?).  When you click the ‘Like’ button on that third-party Web site, all of your Facebook friends who probably never heard of the product or company see it has the seal of approval from someone they know and trust—not just an advertiser. 

Another tool still in the development phase is Facebook Places. The social-networking giant plans to add a location feature to status updates letting your friends know where you are—similar to Foursquare, an online game allowing users to “check in” whenever they enter a certain location. Or if you are looking for a local store, you no longer need to input information—Facebook will already know where you happen to be standing. In its most recent Privacy Policy update, they even fixed some of the language to allow them to do this. For Facebook devotees, check out this video of Mark Zuckerberg commenting on the new feature during their recent developer meetup in London.

While again it may be a bit scary that Facebook can find you at any given moment, this is good news for businesses. Wouldn’t it be great if news and promotions for your favorite stores popped up on your phone as you walk by? (A PR girl can dream…)

-Contributed by Siri Haynes. Follow her @sirihaynes