As we all head out for a long holiday weekend, let's pause to reflect on the much celebrated ritual of summer reading, or in other words, getting lost in a good book at the beach or by the pool. On Monday, Amazon made it even easier to read, anywhere and everywhere, with the launch of the Kindle application for smartphones running Google’s Android software. The New York Times reports that it’s no longer necessary to buy a Kindle reading device because there are “Kindle applications for all versions of the Apple iPhone, the iPad, PC and Mac computers, BlackBerry cellphones and now a range of Android-powered phones.”  

I enjoy reading, but always find myself saying “I have no time to pick up a good book.”  With the Kindle app, that excuse can now fly right out the window because instead of texting, emailing or scouring the Internet on my cell phone, I can use that time more productively by starting one of the books I’ve had on my “book list” for far too long. 

Android owners can also expect several new features to appear in the application in the near future, including the ability to search the text within a book and to buy new Kindle books from within the app.

I realize that some people don’t want to give up going to the library or the smell or an old book. How about you? Will you opt for the electronic version of your next summer read? 

We can’t help you decide the form of your reading, but to help decide on a good book, here is a list of what we’re reading at Greenough: 


-Contributed by Jena Coletti. Follow her @jmcoletti