Interesting news on the Twitter front: A new feature called “You Both Follow” is currently being tested, and if adopted, would work to make it easier for users with similar feeds to identify commonalities and connect.  As many Twitter users would agree, it can often be difficult to take full advantage of all of the engagement and connection possibilities that Twitter offers because there isn’t an efficient tool to locate users with Twitter streams similar to yours. And personally, I think this feature couldn’t have come at a better time. According to a Huffington Post article from April, Twitter is growing at such an extraordinary rate that it now has more than 100 million registered users and 180 million unique visitors that come to the site every month.

Currently, the new feature is being test-run by a small sample group of Twitterati; however, soon enough we may all be able to share in the fun. Although there is no set roll out date, the new Twitter feature has already drawn considerable attention including nods from CNN, Mashable and TechCrunch.

As a public relations professional, I think this is a great opportunity to increase user engagement. The “You Both Follow” feature will allow users with like interests to more easily and efficiently engage. As a result, I think we will see an increase in user interaction as users have greater access to relevant feeds, information and people. And with so many million Twitter streams to sift through, I think this will be a much appreciated Twitter improvement.

-Contributed by Madeline Koessler. Follow her @MKoessler