No, I don’t mean send a pitch about how a client’s technology is related to the iPad. Rather, is the iPad on your media list, right in between Investor’s Business Daily and The New York Times? If it’s not, it might be soon.

After shutting down Gourmet in October, Conde Nast now has just announced plans to resurrect the “publication” as an iPad application (foodies rejoice). If you go to the Gourmet website (at least, at the time of writing), you’ll still find the prominent header “The Latest,” but you won’t find anything recent underneath it. The last article is from December 2009.

 We, along with many in PR and media, have been discussing the shrinking media landscapes and endangered state of print publications for some time now. And we’ve adapted. Blogs gained new status and repute next to newspapers; we’ve launched client blogs and learned to take care in contacting bloggers. Twitter and other social tools have gained new prominence; we’ve adapted to help clients establish presence and form relationships in these online forums. There are fewer reporters than ever before; we’ve become advocates (and writers of) quality contributed content.  

Yet, so far, we’ve stuck to print and computer screens. One of the next challenges/opportunities for PR may well be adapting to device-specific “outlets.” With Gourmet, there’s no print or online publication left to reach out to. Yet Conde Nast hopes to reach not only the 5.5 million readers of the dead-now-resurrected Gourmet, but also a new audience who will connect more with social elements the app will include, according to a recent article on AppScout.  

At the same time, PR’s cousins Advertising and Marketing are buzzing with talk about adapting their own products to mobile platforms. PR very well could be next, and it might behoove us to keep our eyes on gadgets.  

Courtesy: Barry Blitt/New Yorker-Contributed by Catharine Morgan. Follow her @c_morgan.