Social media is my thing and I’ve been using LinkedIn well before it had over 15 million unique visitors (data courtesy of Compete). Though it’s not my most-active social media account, I’d say I check my professional profile a couple times a week – thanks mainly to my LinkedIn iPhone app. For the time being, I use the site strictly for professional purposes; it’s another channel where I can connect with journalists, a site to network with fellow marketers/professionals and a unique place where I can comfortably weigh in on discussions/debates I care about.

LinkedIn has always been seen as the less cutting-edge and engaging social site – especially with respect to Twitter and Facebook. The company isn’t about to lie dormant, however, and that’s why its newest “innovation” (announced today) comes just in time.

To the naked eye, LinkedIn’s been pretty much the same over the past few years, adding slightly funkier headers and the like, but the company has avoided major changes like Facebook’s privacy overhaul or Twitter’s “Promoted Tweets.”

Subtlety is LinkedIn’s strong suit, which is why they’ve been able to add new options and features which enhance individual’s profiles without really rocking the boat. This week’s news represented one of the most noticeable changes, as LinkedIn announced new features making it easier to share articles and links with your networks, while allowing you to automatically sync with other sites or feeds, like Twitter.

The video below shows some of the new sharing features:

This latest update is a good move for LinkedIn; it gives the site new life, but still maintains the professional look and feel that millions of users (myself included) have grown to love. Will this be the first step toward bigger innovations for the company? And, does this make LinkedIn more appealing for younger audiences?

It’s too early to say, of course, but one thing that it demonstrates is that LinkedIn’s motto “Relationships Matter” still holds true. Unlike the Zuckerbergs of the world, this company maintains its relationships with users by respecting their privacy, while simultaneously enabling members to share interesting information with their social networks at the click of a button.

For more information on new features, including the new ways you can share articles and links go to:

Contributed by Gretchen Doores  Follow her @canadiangal84