Thanks to a successful iPhone application, people are starting to show their love for Pandora in a big way – the 10-year-old company is finally starting to make money. The New York Times recently reported that for years Pandora has “been on the verge of death, struggling to find investors and battling record labels over royalties,” until now. Its iPhone success is starting to attract attention from investment bankers and there is talk about the company going public. Congratulations, Pandora! Well deserved.

Personalization is key in today's market, so it comes as no surprise that people love having the option to customize their own radio station based on their favorite tunes. What’s up next for Pandora? Ford is including Pandora in its voice-activated Sync system and consumer electronic companies like Samsung and Vizio are integrating the program into their Blu-ray players, TVs and music systems.It’s only a matter of time before other companies in the auto and tech industries jump on the bandwagon.

The ultimate goal for the company’s co-founder and chief strategy officer, Tim Westergren, is to “develop a location-based service that alerts people that an unknown band they heard on the site is coming to their city that weekend.”  I’m not sure if Pandora will get off the ground in that big of a way, but I will continue to support the company while enjoying my Michael Jackson station in my cubicle!

– Contributed by Jena Coletti.  Follow her @jmcoletti