Wading through coverage, images, tweets and other news mentions of a client, major trend or person can be a challenge, and finding the right aggregator or search tool can be equally frustrating. That’s why when a coworker introduced me to Spezify I felt compelled to share it with you and encourage everyone to check out this neat search aggregation tool.

So what is it exactly? Spezify is a free search site that compiles all the search results from major Web sites in funky, innovative and eye-catching ways. It combines all forms of media, blogs, videos, tweets and even images into an impressive collage of visual buzz/awareness.

It’s a great concept, but you really can’t appreciate it until you see if for yourself. So, I did a quick Spezify search on our silicon solar cell client, 1366 Technologies, to show you why this aggregator really pops.

Spezify was founded by Felix af Ekenstam and Per Persson – two creative digital technology experts based in Stockholm, Sweden – who really hated the uniform (boring) look of regular search results and wanted to create something that offered a more dynamic presentation. 

The two developers turned their innovative concept into a beta version in April 2009 and launched the official version on June 15th. Now hitting the five month mark, the site is starting to really take off as Ekenstam and Persson continue to use social media to boost awareness and continue to ‘enhance the search experience’ – as is evident by the new APIs and zoom features added over the past month.

Though the site provides a great visual representation of buzz on the Web, one thing that Spezify lacks is the ability to put coverage in chronological order, which is a bit disappointing. 

It’s important to point out, however, that Spezify isn’t really intended to be used as an exclusive search tool. Instead, it’s the perfect compliment to more traditional coverage reports and searches, enabling you to really drive home results and coverage.

The developers are definitely on the right track to making this funky aggregator an effective source for search results and wisely turning to followers on Twitter and fans on Facebook to offer suggestions for how to make Spezify even better.

Track new developments or weigh in on new features and settings by following them on Twitter (@spezify) or becoming a fan on Facebook.

Contributed by: Gretchen Doores  Follow her on Twitter: @canadiangal84