The long standing national newspapers based in New York, the Times and the Journal, are looking to expand West Coast operations in an effort to win new readers and advertisers. It was recently announced that the two papers have plans to launch San Francisco editions to capitalize on the demise of the region's local publications.

Here at Greenough, we have a vested interest in the state of the media and we continue to blog about the struggles of publications like the Boston Globe and BusinessWeek. The New York Times reported that national newspapers sell better in the Bay Area than in almost any other part of the country, so the move west will help the outlets boost print readership – but is it all for nothing because online content is the future?  Newspaper Web site audience numbers continue to grow year after year, as more people get their news from online sources. So will a print edition focus in “The Golden State” prove to be a waste in the long run?

It’s probably too early to tell, but as The San Francisco Chronicle and The San Jose Mercury News suffer severe downsizing, it is possible for the two big guns from the East to swoop in and become the West’s go-to papers, leaving the area’s metro dailies well… non-existent. With feet on the ground in the east and the west, we'll be watching as the drama unfolds. 

What do you think?  Where's the news that's fit to print?

Contributed by Jena Coletti.  Follow her @jmcoletti