Women are a powerful – but often misunderstood – segment of the market and a number of  brands’ efforts to engage female consumers have missed the mark. Veet® is one brand, however, that gets it right. Veet®, a leading depilatory product brand (part of Reckitt Benckiser), understands female consumers' unique needs and knows how to leverage social media to appeal to this highly-influential market.

To illustrate what I’m talking about take a look at the new “Veet® Spray on Your Summer Smooth” campaign. This promotional campaign encourages women to submit photos of their legs and provide a description of why they are their best asset, in order to potentially be selected to win great prizes (like a trip for two to Barbados).

The campaign was designed to give women an opportunity to feel good about themselves, share their experiences online and familiarize themselves with the brand’s various hair-removal products. Additionally, this clever approach gives female consumers the ability to interact directly with Veet® by creating, reviewing, sharing and voting on entries and other brand-related content.

Veet® worked with Brickfish to develop an effective social media campaign, tailoring their marketing efforts to appeal to women and leverage user-generated content to drive interest in their products. Their promotional site is really the icing on the cake, however. The site is easy to navigate and has a number of interactive elements, including a global map of all of the participants geographical locations (see map here).

The site also has a running tally of total activity online and the stats are pretty amazing. So far, the promotion attracted 82,903 visitors, 162 individual content entries, 516 reviews, 1,104 votes and even lists the amount of time left for the promotion (50 days, 10 hrs and 16 mins, to be exact). This activity tally makes the whole promotion more exciting and shows just how consumer-generated content can achieve phenomenal reach through social media connections.

What does this mean for other brands looking to connect with female consumers?  Marketers can take their cues from the simple, user-friendly Web site, which offers interactive elements but isn't overly complicated. Also, it's important to point out that the site gives women exposure to the products and great results other women have experienced, without being overly sales-y or bombarding them with unnecessary marketing jargon. Illustrating, in short that when you keep it simple and keep it real, female consumers will reward your efforts by spreading the word (in this case on a global scale).

To learn more about the new Veet® campaign go to http://veet.us/legs.

– Contributed by Gretchen Doores.  Follow her @canadiangal84