Many companies hang their hats on the fact that they have loyal, adoring customers. As public relations professionals, usually, we are forced to take their word for it and learn enough about the companies themselves to accurately portray their stories to the media. On the other hand, one of our clients, online casual gaming company, does not need to tell us how much their players love them, the players tell us themselves.

In January, WorldWinner announced the launch of the 2009 WorldWide Web Games (W3Games), a year long tournament to crown the World Champion across ten popular casual game titles. We wanted to show the world how excited WorldWinner game enthusiasts were to compete; to do this we decided to go right to the source – the players. Two extremely well known players within the WorldWinner player community flew to Boston, with the sole mission to challenge other gamers to compete in this year's, year-long competition. 

The final product was even better than we had hoped. Each player had their own unique story to tell, which turned the overall focus on the W3Games launch from the games, to all about the players. By the end of the first day, the WorldWinner message boards were blowing up from all the player excitement around the two top contenders' videos.  The first tournament starts on March 2, can't wait to see the turnout.

Check out the videos for yourself:

– Contributed by Danielle Eccleson.  Follow her at: @danielle2784