Adapted from a Q&A with Phil Greenough.

When did you get interested in GreenTech and how did Greenough's Green practice originate?

Several years ago, after assessing the growth potential, we began building our market knowledge and influencer connections through MIT, Technet and other thought leaders. Helping to take the annual MIT Energy Conference to new audiences and taking demand response leader EnerNOC through its IPO were the next steps to building a practice that combines our growing list of Green connections and our unique approach to business storytelling.

While many companies are just now launching GreenTech practices, Greenough has years of experience in this space.  Did you see an opportunity here that others didn't?

I'm not sure when and how others saw the opportunity, but clearly it didn't take a genius to see that serious money was flowing into early stage companies and giants like GE and IBM were positioning themselves to seize the opportunities arising from both economic and environmental concerns. We simply jumped at the opportunity to be part of solution. That required a major investment of our time to understand the issues, the landscape and evolve the best practices we've honed in the InfoTech and Consumer Tech markets to the Green opportunities.

How do you see the new Administration's policies affecting the future of GreenTech?

In just three years, Obama hopes to double the amount of wind, solar and geothermal generating capacity from the current 25,000 megawatts. Plus, there is a planned overhaul of the electrical grid. The early and easier victories will come from the push for energy efficiency that will benefit a host of companies like EnerNOC and Comverge. Extending the tax credits for wind alone will measurably boost that segment and we'll certainly see more support for reinventing the U.S. auto industry to create the next generation of products that move steadily away from carbon.

Why is it important for GreenTech companies to tell their stories?  Is it more important now than ever?

As mentioned in our previous post about EcoCar, when it comes to a cleaner, more efficient and nationally independent energy future, everyone has some skin in the game. We all want to leave a better world for the next generation and the environment is near, or at, the very top of everyone's list of concerns. Innovation, inspiration, opportunity and legacy are watchwords for any great story, and the GreenTech revolution has all those and more. The stories being created today are capturing the drama of a movement that affects everyone on multiple levels. There's no better time to get out and help shape the stories!