We're keenly aware that news in the world of journalism is less-than-positive these days.  The news landscape is evolving rapidly and new media is at once a constant threat and an opportunity.  That's why we like to share posts like this one form Techdirt that shine a little optimism on the situation.  We encourage you to click through and read the links Techdirt provides. 

One of our favorite articles stemming from the Techdirt post is one from Poynter Online, in which Ken Paulson imagines the newspaper was invented after the internet.  Here's a brief excerpt:

"We're pleased to announce a new product that will revolutionize the way you access information. It will save you time and money and keep you better informed than ever before.   Just consider the hours you've spent on the internet looking for information of interest to you. We've hired specialists who live and work in your hometown to cull information sources and provide a daily report tailored to your community, your friends and your neighbors.  We also know that you sometimes wonder whether you can trust the information you see online. We plan to introduce a painstaking new process called "fact-checking" in which we actually verify the information before we pass it along to you."

When you put it that way you realize that print media is, and likely always will be, very important to what we do.  As long as there are journalists on the payroll – at newspapers and websites alike – we'll be invested in developing new ways to garner their attention.